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This CPD seminar will introduce the memory analysis framework called Volatility. This framework can be used by first line respondents and check of suspicious processes by accessing the information that resides in the memory of the computer.

To have this tool facilitates the verification of a malware infection and assist in the decision making process of clearing or quarantining a computer system for further analysis, for first line respondent to an computer incident or as a cataloguing of behaviour of a malware when performing laboratory environment analysis.

This CPD is intended for Managers and Technical staff alike as it highlights the need for an IT security respondent's team to have the knowledge on how to use this tool. Aside from a demonstration, the seminar is arranged to provide managers an overview as to why their team need further training on the use of this tool

Date: 25th February 2014 (Tuesday)
Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm
Language: English

MANETIC Seminar Room

Av do Infante D Henrique 43-53A

Edf. The Macao Square 7-Andar