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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are important for any company interested in improving the efficiency and compliance of their business processes. However, for many companies, their SOPs are poorly written and designed, not user-friendly, and include too much (or too little) detail. Apart from providing employees with detailed step-by-step instructions for performing their daily tasks, effective SOPs should also be process-driven whereby all concerned employees following such SOPs will be able to perform their tasks in a coherent manner, in support of the goals of the associated business process.

The seminar is aimed at introducing a use case approach for developing process driven SOPs. This approach begins with the identification of actors, their goals and the associated ‘Use Cases’ (each Use Case describes a series of steps to be taken by an actor in achieving a specific goal arising from the scope of his job duties). From the perspective of this approach, a business process can be seen as a series of connected “Use Cases” to be performed by different actors belonging to the business process. This approach makes it possible for SOPs to be developed or improved on a modular basis, allowing continuous improvement to the related business process by simply focusing improvement efforts on one particular use case. On the other hand, as each Use Case simply describes a series of steps to be performed by a specific actor, such steps can then be described with the aid of simple sentences. This helps to eliminate confusing and lengthy SOPs.

This seminar is aimed at Compliance Managers, Business Mangers and IT Managers interested in using the Use Case Approach for developing process-driven SOPs

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