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Software made can sometimes do tasks that was unexpected by the original coder. This includes the ability to write into a process, and then direct the process to execute the added code. Software to browse the Internet is not immune to this and with the ability of a browser to follow instruction from an external webpage; it may be possible that the browser is requested to compromise itself. The effect on the user is either a crashed browser, of which the inserted code continues to run, or the inserted code ensure that the user has no idea of what has just eventuated. Simply by driving by a webpage, opening it up, a computer can be compromised, this is the trouble with drive-by downloads.

This seminar which shares the findings will hold in Manetic on 22nd January including the problems of IE8 and its patch early last week, this Java 0-day, along with ongoing techniques for protecting vulnerable systems at home and in the enterprise.

Coders, system admins, IT managers and IS policy makers alike in understanding the threats that may be lurking on the Internet are recommended to join.

Topic: The Problem with Drive-by Downloads
Date: 22nd January, 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm

MANETIC Seminar Room

Av do Infante D Henrique 43-53A

Edf. The Macao Square 7-Andar


Language: English
Cost: MOP200

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*2 hours of CPD credits will be earned

*Brief introduction of the seminar