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With the purpose of raising public’s awareness of current Macao’s Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) environment and its use and security, ISACA Macao Chapter has organized in Macao along with Macau New Technologies Incubator Centre (MANETIC) and other IT related professional information technology and information security associations, Macao’s fourth wireless environment audit survey. The report of the survey was delivered on 5th November 2010 at Manetic Seminar Room.

This 2010 audit survey report is the result of data collection performed on 4th September by the act of detection of WLAN access points in the designated routes around Macao, Taipa and Coloane.

Three significant findings were discovered from the data from Wardriving, with regards to the use of encryption schemes: 1) 87% access points detected are using the built-in security settings; 2) 27% users of security use a weak form of security (WEP) and 3) 29% users of security apply the strongest form of security (WPA2).

To explore much more details of the report for your better understanding of Macao's current WLAN environment, please download the Wardriving Macao 2010 Report.